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AWGs Furnish Complex Waveforms

Tue, 05/06/2008 - 12:19pm
Using 15-bit vertical resolution, Agilent Technologies’ N6030A (PXI) and N8241A (LXI) PXI-and LXI-based arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) can create simultaneous wide-bandwidth and high-resolution signals for electronic testing of radar, satellite, telecom or military communication equipment. The device offers a spurious-free dynamic range of less than -65 dBc per channel, DC to 500 MHz, with a noise floor of less than -150 dBc/Hz. When combined with the Agilent PSG vector signal generator wideband I/Q upconverter, the AWGs can achieve modulation bandwidths as high as 1 GHz at up to 44 GHz for IF and RF subsystem testing. Each of the four-slot generators’ two channels offer 1.25 GS/s with a signal bandwidth of up to 500 MHz and a standard waveform length of 8 MS per channel, expandable to 16 MS. The N8241A is also available with a 625 MS/s sampling rate at up to 250 MHz per channel.

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