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Hear and Be Heard in the Noisiest Places

Fri, 04/11/2008 - 6:50am
Audience recently demonstrated at CTIA Wireless 2008 the industry's first voice processor based on the intelligence of the human hearing system. The processor enables instantaneous noise suppression of 25 dB for both stationary and non-stationary noise to provide excellent voice quality, even in the noisiest environments.

The Audience Voice Processor, which is currently in production, is the first custom IC that is modeled after the most efficient and accurate auditory system, the human hearing system. By thoroughly understanding the entire auditory pathway — from the cochlea to the brainstem to the thalamus and cortex — Audience delivers a commercial product based on the science of Auditory Scene Analysis (ASA), or the grouping and processing of complex mixtures of sound. Because the Audience Voice Processor handles signals the way people actually perceive specific sounds, it is able to identify and suppress noise sources in an extremely efficient and accurate manner.

"With the Audience Voice Processor embedded in their mobile handsets, people will be able to hear and be heard everywhere from their cell phones, even in the noisiest places," said Jennifer Stagnaro, Audience VP of Marketing. "By mimicking the human auditory system, our new processor defines a new standard for robust noise suppression, enabling unprecedented voice quality and more usability of rich voice and data applications."

Audience's Voice Processor receives a complex mixture of sound at overlapping frequencies, and organizes it into individual sources, in the same way people actually hear sounds. Regardless of whether the noise is local to the caller or remote over the mobile network, the processor uses several grouping cues to group all sound sources instantaneously, suppressing the noise and delivering the voice of interest clearly.

The Audience Voice Processor is designed and priced to fit into mid- and high-tier phones.


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