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Ball-Grid Array Probes for Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers

Thu, 04/03/2008 - 10:53am

Agilent Technologies, Inc. unveils its DDR2 and DDR3 ball-grid array (BGA) probes for oscilloscopes and logic analyzers. The probes provide signal access points to the clock, strobe, data, address and command signals of the DDR3 DRAM for true compliance testing with an oscilloscope. The logic analyzer provides timing and a protocol view of the DRAM activities. The DDR2 BGA probe enables simultaneous access to the oscilloscope and to the logic analyzer's full compliance and protocol validation. Model numbers W2631A and W2632A, when combined with proprietary E5384A and E5826A logic analyzer adapters, support command and data probing for x16 packages, and model numbers W2633A and W2634A provide access to command and data buses for x8 packages.

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