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Wisair’s Dongle Set Doubles the Speed and Halves the Price of Wireless USB

Tue, 03/11/2008 - 10:52am
Wisair, a leading provider of Ultra Wideband (UWB) and Wireless USB (WUSB) chipset solutions, today announced a new Wireless USB host and device dongle set that delivers high-speed wireless connectivity to a range of USB devices such as printers, hubs, or external hard disk drives (HDD). Offering superior performance, lower cost, and improved ease of use compared to existing Wireless USB alternatives in the market today, the dongles enable OEMs to provide a compelling Wireless USB upgrade kit to end users.

To accelerate OEMs and ODMs time to market, the dongle reference design will be delivered as a production-ready solution, pre certified by WiMedia, USB-IF, FCC, and TELEC. Manufactured by leading ODMs, the reference design consists of a complete end-user package that includes a host dongle, a device dongle with power supply, software drivers, management application, and documentation.

Based on Wisair’s WSR601 CMOS single-die chip, the dongle set reference design incorporates Wisair’s UltraSpeed™ technology, which enhances Wireless USB throughput, while remaining fully compliant to Certified Wireless USB. UltraSpeed™ uses several acceleration schemes to optimize data processing and enables throughput in the range of 70 to 100 Mb/s when connected to a Host Wire Adapter, and up to 200 Mb/s when connected to a Wireless USB native host. Additionally, the dongle set provides a user-friendly Wireless USB association, eliminating the need for cables for initial association (pairing).

"Wisair remains fully committed to enabling the Wireless USB market by providing customers — whether OEMs or retailer outlets — with the functionality and price points required to meet end user demand," said David Yaish, CEO at Wisair. "The new Wisair Wireless USB dongle set, with its extremely competitive price/performance combination, offers half the price and double the throughput compared to other solutions. It also offers OEMs a quick time to market, eliminating the need to submit their products for certification." ules for devices. The company also offers a complete development platform amongst other capabilities.


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