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Callers Stay Connected and Protected at all Times

Tue, 03/11/2008 - 7:29am
A secure and disposable two way calling service is now available that can be used to protect an existing phone number and provide subscribers with privacy, control and freedom when providing a phone number.

Vumber provides subscribers with a safe and secure means of connecting with the outside world via a regular telephone. Subscribers can create multiple phone numbers in an area code of their choice and associate those numbers with any phone.

Subscribers can use Vumber to protect themselves in their virtual lives when using online dating websites, social networks, and online job and message boards, as well as filling out everyday online forms, such as credit card applications, email lists and making online purchases.

How Does Vumber Work? Vumber is your virtual phone number. The service enables subscribers to choose an additional phone number that can be linked to any existing phone number. Subscribers pick an area code (most markets are covered), and Vumber will then assign a seven digit phone number in the area code of choice. Calls can be made to and from a Vumber at any time. All calls made to your Vumber will ring on your regular phone. Customers can also change their Vumber at any time.

To make a call, simply dial your Vumber, and then dial the number that you wish to call. The recipient of the call will only see your Vumber on their caller ID. When callers dial your Vumber, you answer your call normally and an automated prompt will ask you to press 1 to accept the call. No PCs or special phones are required. The entire process is similar to using a regular phone.


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