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Major Personal Robotics Components Will Represent a $12 Billion Market by 2015

Wed, 02/13/2008 - 5:01am
Over the next several years, growth in the personal robotics market will create significant revenue opportunities for key enabling components including processors, microcontrollers, sensors, and servos. By the year 2015, ABI Research forecasts that these major product categories will reach a collective $12 billion in worldwide revenue.

"About 48% of component revenue can be attributed to task robotics, while 51% will come from the entertainment robotics segment," says ABI Research principal analyst Philip Solis. "The remaining 1% to 2% is derived from security and educational segments."

Moreover, the number of major components used in personal robotics will increase significantly over the next few years, which will result in dramatically lower prices. PC-powered processors will enter the market in small quantities during 2009, but will grow to over 21 million shipments in 2015. Currently, microcontroller use in personal robotics is in the millions; sensor shipments for personal robots will increase to over 2 billion by 2015; and actuators, servos, and manipulators will grow almost 100-fold by 2015 as well.

Major market drivers include consumers’ need to reduce time and effort spent performing routine chores, along with the desires for increased entertainment and even companionship.

ABI Research’s recent report, Personal Robotics, covers the market for consumer robots and major components used by personal robots. It examines key industry drivers in the robotics space and in software development platforms that will become critical to the development of this market. It is part of the firm’s Emerging Technologies Research Service.


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