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Optical Couplers Save Rack Space

Tue, 01/22/2008 - 5:53am

M2 Optics, Inc. introduces its FiberSplit Micro Modules, a line of optical couplers, splitters and WDM products that are packaged in compact 2U modules that require 55 percent less space than standard LGX modules. They are functionally equivalent to LGX optical couplers, splitters and WDMs, but they feature 2U packages to allow 20 modules to fit into a 19 inches rack. These micro modules (0.75 inches࡫.1 inchesࡨU high) come in a range of coupling and connector configurations with various connector interfaces. The modules come in 1ࡨ through 1࡮ splitters as well as CWDM and DWDM configurations and combinations operating in the 1310 nm, S, C and L bands. Applications include telecom, passive optical networks (PON), LAN, CATV and data distribution centers.

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