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High-speed Pulse Width Modulator

Mon, 01/14/2008 - 4:30am


Microchip Technology Inc. announces the MCP1631 2.0 MHz, high-speed pulse width modulator. The highly integrated device contains a 1 Ampere (A) integrated MOSFET driver, high-speed comparator for over-voltage protection and both battery-current and voltage-sense amplifiers in one small package. Protection features, such as under voltage lock out and over-temperature protection, come standard with the PWM, which is capable of charging multiple battery chemistries, including Li-Ion, NiHM, NiCd and Lead Acid. The MCP1631 PWM provides a means to close the feedback loop in switch-mode power supplies (SMPSs) that use microcontrollers for general system intelligence and control. The integration of the PWM’s SMPS input and output interface via its voltage comparator, battery-voltage and current-sense amplifiers, plus its 1A MOSFET driver, enable designers to use this single device to perform many different functions in their designs. The result is a smaller design footprint and lower overall cost.

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