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Technology May Help Solve the Spectrum Shortage Dilemma

Thu, 11/15/2007 - 6:48am
Terocelo Inc.'s True Software Radio® technology, contained in the Lycon™ family of Chips, can address the ongoing international issue of spectrum shortage, according to the company. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States, as well as corresponding agencies in many other countries regulate the radio spectrum. The spectrum is divided into channels, which are usually licensed, by individuals, Corporations and municipalities as primary users. However, the rapid growth of new communication services such as a triple play (voice, data and multimedia) with its heightened demand for usable spectrum is limited by the severe shortage of available spectrum. The FCC has proposed a solution for mitigating spectrum shortage by implementing the dynamic spectrum allocation (DSA).

The integration of different services such as voice, data and video promises to open a new page in the quality and scope of customer services as well as open new opportunities for substantial growth of service provider's revenues. However, there is a problem in the triple play. This problem is the scarcity of available spectrum. That scarcity is the result of confluence of two major factors: sharp increase in the usable spectrum for spectrum hungry multimedia applications from one side and outdated static spectrum allocation principles from another.

Dynamic spectrum allocation allows for the changes across the entire market. "You can use any wireless device and download any mobile broadband application, with no restrictions," said FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin. In short, the proposal would allow people to choose their service provider, rather than be tied to a particular provider based on the device they chose."

"Terocelo's TSR™ technology is designed to resolve problems with traditional product offerings approach, including high volume devices such as mobile phones which are very cost sensitive, and become cost prohibitive when continuing to add new RF circuitry which will keep on adding to the total bill-of-materials driving consumer costs up. Additionally the traditional approach results in hardware obsolescence. Each time a new application or service needs to be rolled out, the service provider will have to wait until a critical mass of users upgrade to the latest design of handset. Terocelo's technology is becoming imperative to meet tomorrow's wireless user requirements," said Antonio Turgeon, Chairman and CEO.

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