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Vibration Motor Driver IC Creates Worldwide Buzz in Personal Handsets

Wed, 10/10/2007 - 12:51pm
The launch of Melexis MLX90283 brings new capabilities in packaging and power efficiency to the vibrating alert feature on cell phones, PDAs or iPhones. This single-phase brushless vibration motor driver IC allows increased battery life while still delivering strong and clearly detected vibrations. It can also benefit applications for force feedback or haptic interfaces in gaming systems, both handheld and home systems. The MLX90283 integrates Hall-effect sensor, digital and power driver circuitry into a low profile ultra-thin QFN package and introduces the new proprietary ‘Active Start’ design to improve single-phase vibration motor start-up reliability. The 1.8 to 3.6 V operating voltage range is well suited for battery-powered applications. The device successfully applies the ‘Freewheel’ principle to vibration motors by exploiting single-phase motor characteristics. The MLX90283 ‘Freewheel’ intelligent driving enables the reduction of the average motor current consumption up to 10 mA, while keeping the same rotation speed. It is provided in a chip scale package.

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