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PRISMT Web Portal

Wed, 10/10/2007 - 10:44am
KORE Telematics announces key features to its PRISMT Web portal a comprehensive management interface for M2M wireless network services. PRISM now features enhanced online billing and usage reports that enable customers to view and manage their monthly bills in an easy-to-use, Web-based user interface. Users can download full call detail record (CDR) files directly through the PRISM interface. This is important because many KORE customers need to route airtime use costs through their own internal billing systems, and having online access to a record of every wireless transaction over the course of a month greatly eases this process.

KORE is also adding a comprehensive usage threshold monitoring service that allows customers to set triggers for airtime overuse on a card-by-card basis, enabling customers to more efficiently manage airtime costs. Users simply log in to PRISM to define daily usage thresholds for each SIM card deployed. The PRISM threshold monitoring service will instantly begin to detect if devices or applications in the field begin using excessive amounts of airtime. For example, if a particular SIM is expected to send 20 kilobytes of data over the network per day, the customer would receive an automated warning flag if the usage exceeded that amount in the previous 24 hours. Customers will receive daily reports showing the number of SIMs that have exceeded their threshold parameters. Reports sent via email include a link to the PRISM website, enabling customers to immediately access a comprehensive view of all of the customer's network activity.

"As adoption of M2M solutions continues to grow at an exponential rate, KORE is committed to helping its customers and partners meet this market demand by making M2M airtime services as easy and cost-effective as possible," said Mike Stephens, vice president, product development, KORE Telematics. "These important enhancements, including the ability to catch device errors before they can run up extensive airtime usage, will add tremendous value to the user experience and enable our customers to more efficiently manage their networks."

"The availability of the Threshold Monitoring Suite has allowed us to be more actively aware of data usage on our devices," said Brad Borst, president of Rocky Mountain Tracking. "The use of the Suite ensures that Rocky Mountain is aware of excessive usage on our devices, and allows us to correct these problems before they become a significant billing issue or impact service to our customers."




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