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2007 GlobalSpec Great Moments in Engineering

Wed, 10/17/2007 - 6:31am
The team of engineers in Applied Research at the former Communications Division of Motorola, Inc. whose work led to the creation of the first cellular telephone prototype were presented with the 2007 GlobalSpec Great Moments in Engineering award on Wednesday, October 10. This award celebrates the 35th anniversary of their breakthrough achievement.

Recipients are members of the 1972-1973 engineering team who embarked on a project in December 1972 that helped shape telecommunications history. The project called for a three-dimensional model of a portable, hand-held telephone including the creation of components small enough to fit into the handset to be designed, assembled, tested and readied for demonstration in fewer than three months. Their behind-the-scenes technical accomplishments resulted in the DynaTAC, a portable, hand-held telephone demonstrated to the world in April 1973, and the precursor of today’s cellular telephone. This is the first public recognition of their accomplishment.

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