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Microprocessor Supervisory IC

Wed, 09/26/2007 - 8:17am
austriamicrosystems expands its supervisory portfolio with the AS1923, a quad voltage microprocessor supervisory IC. The AS1923 was designed to monitor up to four system supply voltages without the need for external components, and asserts a single reset if any of the monitored supply voltages drops below its reset threshold. A variety of different factory-trimmed voltage threshold options are available for monitoring +5.0, +3.3, +3.0, +2.5, +1.8, and ס.0 V supplies with ס% and/or 㪢% tolerances. The AS1923 is also available with one or two user-adjustable threshold options (via external resistor-divider network) if non-standard voltage thresholds are required. The internally trimmed thresholds and the two reset output options minimize the need for external components. The open-drain output can be overdriven by external voltages ranging from 0 V to +5.5 V to provide easy interfacing to other devices. 919-676-5292

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