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Fuel Gauge

Wed, 09/26/2007 - 8:17am
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the DS2784, the 1-cell, stand-alone fuel gauge to integrate a 1-cell Li+ protector and SHA-1 authentication in a tiny, 3 × 5 mm TDFN package. Previously, three separate ICs would have been required to give the same functionality that the DS2784 provides. Small enough to fit on the side of a prismatic battery cell, the DS2784 is ideal for space-sensitive portable applications that use 1-cell Li+ battery packs, including mid-/high-end phones, smartphones, PDAs, portable navigation/GPS devices, digital still and video cameras, and VoIP phones. The DS2784's fuel gauge estimates available capacity based on coulomb count, discharge rate, temperature, and cell characteristics. To reduce development effort and time-to-market, it combines a precision, analog front-end for measuring current and voltage with a proven, embedded fuel-gauge algorithm. On-chip temperature measurements eliminate the need for a thermistor in the battery pack. Additionally, the DS2784 can use temperature data to enable gain and temperature-coefficient compensation in the current measurement, thereby allowing the use of a low-cost current-sense resistor. 408-530-6000

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