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PTFE-based Coreless Semiconductor Package

Fri, 08/10/2007 - 11:58am

Endicott Interconnect Technologies introduces the HyperBGA® which is a PTFE-based coreless semiconductor package that enables silicon devices to run at high speeds. The combination of the low loss, low dielectric constant material and strip line cross sections enables signal speeds surpassing 12 Gb/s. The material compliance of the PTFE, combined with the dimensional stability of a copper-invar-copper center plane, enables HyperBGA to provide long field life, with none of the BGA wear out, die cracking, delamination or flip-chip bump fatigue of other packages. This is available as a single-chip module or SiP, which offers long overall board level flip chip BGA life, and it delivers 2 to 10x the flip chip BGA package reliability of ceramic BGAs. HyperBGA is assembled using standard SMT processes and materials, making columns or land grid array sockets unnecessary. It is capable of flip chip, SMT or CSP component attach on both sides. 866-820-4820

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