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Patent Approval for Three-dimensional Structures

Thu, 08/30/2007 - 5:25am
Jacket Micro Devices, Inc. receives patent approval for new methods of fabricating three-dimensional (3-D) all-organic interconnect structures. These new methods are an extension of JMDD's Multi-Layer Organic (MLO) packaging technologies. The patent, entitled "Methods for Fabricating Three-Dimensional All-Organic Interconnect Structures" is JMD's fifth patent related to MLO design and technology. The patent covers new methods for making 3-D liquid crystal polymer (LCP) interconnect structures using a high-temperature, single-sided LCP and a low-temperature, single-sided LCP, where both are drilled, using a laser or mechanical process, to add a z-axis connection. The addition of z-axis interconnectivity in a homogenous organic material allows for the easy design and implementation of complex 3-D multilayer circuit patterns.


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