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Wed, 08/08/2007 - 10:42am


ODI Security, LLC, announces the introduction of the low cost, power efficient, stand-alone fingerprint modules for the consumer and commercial markets. ODI Security designed and manufactured the new modules that utilize patent pending, high security algorithms and small footprint hardware design, in combination with Atmel® Corporation’s FingerChip® fingerprint sensor technology and power efficient ARM 7® processor core. This powerful combination allows the modules to extend battery life that exceeds a year in normal consumer use. The modules are the result of many years of development by both companies. Through optimized technology, they have the unique ability to be used in all weather conditions, including rain, snow, and temperatures ranging from 85°C down to 㫀°C, and in extreme user environments, such as with greasy or dirty fingers.

"These are the first truly suitable sensors for use outdoors. Unlike the other sensors, these work as well in the rain as they do dry. Our modules’ ability to identify a person’s fingerprint under less than ideal conditions allows us to build the first really reliable consumer and commercial products," said Rich Slevin, ODI Security’s CEO. "When The Atmel sensor is combined with our patent-pending imaging and algorithm technologies, and our optimized hardware design, we can now hit the right price points for these modules and products and offer the first truly usable and affordable biometric products."

Most biometric products have a backup key or keypad to allow access for the roughly 20% of the users that cannot register or for when weather conditions are less than ideal. In contrast, the ODI modules do not require such backup due to their inherent reliability. The modules are the most robust on the market today.

Atmel’s FingerChip technology offers the highest levels of sensitivity and image quality on the market, ensuring operation in difficult environments and with difficult, dry and poor fingerprints. Its embedded grounded surface electrode ensures excellent ESD protection, and its thick surface coating ensures unbeatable mechanical robustness and protection in all weather.

"ODI’s biometric algorithm demands the highest levels of performance, quality and reliability, from the embedded fingerprint sensor’s image output. Atmel’s FingerChip sensor is uniquely suited to satisfy these requirements," said Martin Squibbs, Biometric Business Development Manager for Atmel. "We are delighted to have worked with and supported ODI Security in combining the FingerChip’s industry leading performance with ODI Security’s excellent biometric software and integration expertise and Atmel’s low power high performance ARM7 microcontroller."

All modules contain a complete user interface, and LED feedback for registration and use. They also provide low battery indication and the ability to drive up to 5 different lock actuators. Any of these actuators can be supplied as part of a full turnkey lock module for an OEM to develop a lock system easily, without any electronics knowledge. Just add a battery and follow the mechanical design reference guide to build any number of different locking systems from a briefcase lock or door lock to a padlock.


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