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Connector Options

Tue, 07/17/2007 - 9:06am
FCI announces D-Subminiature 7W2 connector options to enable 㫈 V or 㫔 V DC input connections to power modules used in MicroTCA shelves. Each power contact provides 24 A current-carrying capacity. The shielded connectors are designed to fit the power module faceplate on the front side of a power module made in accordance with the MicroTCA specification. The board-mount connector offering includes through-mount options suitable for wave soldering or Pin-in-Paste reflow soldering. Pin-in-Paste processing technology enables through-mount components to be soldered using conventional reflow soldering processes and can eliminate the need for a separate wave soldering operation in the process flow that can result in lower applied costs. 800-237-2374

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