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BEL SAW Filter

Tue, 07/17/2007 - 11:09am
Murata Electronics North America introduces a miniature Boundary Elastic Surface Acoustic Wave (BEL SAW) filter measuring 0.8 × 0.6 × .365 mm. This represents a 75% decrease in volume and 66% reduction in area compared to other filters, making it well suited for the mobile phone market. By adopting the Boundary Acoustic Wave (BAW) as the reproducing wave, Murata’s planar-type component does not need a cavity and achieves the same high tolerance capabilities as traditional filters while guarantying the identical thermal-shock tolerance of semiconductors.  In addition, the SAFAM series utilizes Ball Grid Array (BGA) terminations for mounting on integrated circuits (ICs), while current filters can only offer mounting on the printed circuit board, outside the semiconductor. 800-554-4070  

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