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HRL Laboratories, Brijot Imaging Systems in Joint Plan to Enable Lower-Cost Manufacturing

Tue, 06/19/2007 - 10:53am
HRL Laboratories, LLC and Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc., announces a joint development plan to enhance the Brijot BIS-WDS millimeter wave imaging system for detecting concealed objects. The Brijot BIS-WDS surveillance system features full-motion, real-time millimeter wave capabilities for detecting hidden non-metallic weapons, explosives, contraband, and stolen electronics.

"Brijot and HRL are designing a module as a plug-in to the Brijot system to enable automated lower-cost, higher-volume manufacturing for the BIS-WDS GEN 2 and for future generations of the object detection and people screening system," Dr. Matt Ganz, president and chief executive officer of HRL, said. Added Mitchel J. Laskey, president and chief executive officer at Brijot, "HRL shares Brijot's strong vision for optimal system detection to impact the security challenges in high threat environments. We believe our customers at airports and security check points, for example, will be as excited as we are about this product. The next-generation system will detect concealed threats more accurately, minimize losses through theft, and virtually pat down and screen individuals in real-time."

In the project's first phase, HRL and Brijot will co-design and fabricate a module that amplifies and detects the millimeter wave radiation, making up a single pixel of what corresponds to the "film" in this new type of system. The amplification and detection are made possible by proprietary techniques that HRL has pioneered for more than a decade. This will greatly reduce the cost of the Brijot BIS-WDS millimeter wave imaging system.


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