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RoHS-Compliant SSOP Adapters

Tue, 03/13/2007 - 12:50pm


Aries Electronics introduces an RoHS-compliant version of its SOWIC-to-DIP Correct-A-Chip™ adapter that can be used for prototyping and testing SSOP ICs. This adapter allows the use of 0.65 mm pitch surface mount ICs in thru-hold designs, and it can be cut to smaller sizes by the end user. Its body is constructed of 1.58 mm (0.062 inches) FR406 or IS410 per IPC 4101A/26, with one ounce of copper traces on both sides. Its pins are 360-1/2 hard brass alloy per UNS C36000 ASTM-B16-85 with 10 μ inches minimum gold plating per MIL-G-45204 over 100 μ inches nickel plating per QQ-N-290. Its current rating is 1 A and its operating temperature is 221°F (105°C). The suggested PCB hole diameter is 0.71 mm (0.028 inches). 908-996-3891

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