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Liquid-Cooled Power Modules

Mon, 02/26/2007 - 10:55am


Transistor Devices, Inc. announces its new LCPM series of 7kW Liquid-Cooled Power Modules. Each module is 12 H × 2.8 W × 18 D (11.6W per cu. in.) Six modules fit side by side on a 17.5 shelf to deliver up to 42 kW of regulated power from a balanced 3-phase world power source. Efficiency is over 90% and power factor is better than .99. The liquid cooled power modules may be used for small or large systems such as data or computer centers when paralleled in racks they can deliver up to a megawatt of regulated DC power while simultaneously eliminating the need for large air conditioning units in the facility with wind tunnels under the floor. Liquid cooling is 4,180 times as volumetrically efficient as air. The cooling source for the liquid may range from external chillers to rechargeable wells, lakes, rivers or cooling towers on the roof of a building in accordance with the specific economies of the application. Since the liquid cooled module has no fan, operation is quiet and there are no air disturbances, which create dust, dirt or debris either in the application or in the unit. The elimination of dust, debris and vermin from the system increases the system reliability by several folds and the system is both economical and environmentally friendly.

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