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Digi-Key’s Key to Success

Thu, 01/11/2007 - 6:51am
Although the word "wireless" has been around for a century or more, it’s a word frequently associated with "new" Digi-Key Corporation. Change is always in the air as new, exciting products continually infiltrate the marketplace. Staying abreast of what is new and what its customers want is part of the daily routine at Digi-Key.

How does Digi-Key stay on top of the game? "As quickly as they are introduced by the manufacturers, we endeavor to evaluate new components to determine what value they might offer our customers," says Mark Larson, Digi-Key’s president and COO. To that end, Digi-Key is willing to take unexpected risks. "As we are committed to stocking the more than 270,000 products offered in our catalog, one would assume that we would be very careful in our product choices," Larson adds. "To the contrary, our selection process is actually quite liberal. We would prefer to error in the way of giving our customers too many choices than too few."

New supplier partners offering both new products and enhancements to lines already carried are being added to Digi-Key’s line card at an unprecedented rate as well. "Criteria for supplier partnership agreements are very similar to that of our product selection," Larson says. "It’s all about value and choices for our customers. Design engineers want choices when selecting components for new product design. We strive to provide a variety of available products from which they can make their determinations."

In the wireless marketplace, Digi-Key is focusing primarily on ZigBee, Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS, RFID and other ISM bands. A new RF section, which features both new products and from both new and current supplier partners, is a highlight of Digi-Key’s latest catalog. Look for this section to grow as Digi-Key delivers additional new products based on the latest wireless technologies.

Digi-Key is all about service, and in recent years has expanded its technical staff to better accommodate its growing and diverse customer base. To assist customers in interpreting data sheets or cross-referencing components, technical support specialists can be reached via telephone or online chat from 6 p.m. CT Sunday through 6 a.m. Saturday. Product specialists assigned to specific product areas and supplier partners provide additional information to customers as well as ongoing training for Digi-Key’s technical support specialists. To provide still more additional support and assist engineers in quickly getting their product to market, a team of application engineers make up Digi-Key’s Design Support team.

It is Digi-Key’s contention that wireless technologies will continue to evolve, and it is the company’s intention to keep up the pace, all the while offering customers the top-notch service they have come to expect. Providing customers with the best possible service was the simple principal that anchored Digi-Key when it was founded 34 years ago. That same service will drive Digi-Key’s growth in the future.


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