Product Releases

Hall-effect Sensors

Thu, 11/16/2006 - 11:10am


Allegro announces several devices to complement their existing portfolio of linear Hall-effect sensors. These devices are unique to the market because they are the first analog-output Hall-effect sensors that operate down to 2.5 V, include a sleep enable pin and have high impedance outputs while in sleep mode. This addition of Hall-effect sensors are targeted at the consumer market and address specific application demands. The low-voltage operations allow these devices to be used in battery-operated applications, which traditionally provide less than a 5 V supply. By employing a logic level on the sleep enable pin, users are able to configure the desired power consumption for the device by modulating when the device is active (~ 4 mA current draw) and sleeping (~ 25 µA). Additionally during the sleep mode the output is not valid, high impedance, allowing the outputs from multiple devices to be conected to and sampled by a single A/D converter.



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