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System for Public Safety-grade Broadband Applications

Mon, 07/10/2006 - 8:51am

M/A-COM announces the VIDAMAX System to deliver integrated, public safety-grade wireless broadband video and data services for mission-critical applications. The system will enable public safety organizations to deploy high-quality broadband applications such as video surveillance and vehicle access support. VIDAMAX is M/A-COM’s newest air interface component to take advantage of the M/A-COM VIDA IP Network. The system applies the open standard IEEE-based wireless broadband communications protocol of 802.16 to the 4.9 GHz band. Through the use of the 802.16 protocol and the use of a licensed band, the system provides guaranteed quality of service and scalable capacity, which are required for true mission-critical broadband applications. The system allows for seamless integration with M/A-COM’s VIDA platform, thus allowing for future equipment interchangeability and seamless integration with other IP-based networks. In order to support public safety requirements for privacy and security, the system includes built-in X.509 certificate authentication, DDES, 3-DES and AES encryption.

M/A-COM, Inc.


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