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Surface-Mount Molded Toroid

Mon, 07/10/2006 - 8:51am

Gowanda Electronics announces the introduction of its SMT 2920, the first in a series of surface mount inductors which provides design engineers with a molded and shielded toroidal inductor for RF applications, especially those with high Q requirements. The SMT 2920 is molded for durability, shielded to allow usage in the presence of magnetic fields and designed to be insensitive to operating temperature changes over the range of – 55°C to +105°C. It was designed specifically for applications where temperature stability, high Q and high frequency are important. This device is appropriate for applications such as RF signal circuitry in communications equipment, test & measurement equipment, medical diagnostic equipment and industrial process control equipment. Technical specifications for products in the SMT 2920 series include: inductance range from .50 µH to 5.0 µH; Q of 100; DCR from .10 to .50Ω and current rating from .78 to 1.75 A.

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