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The Design of Next-Generation RFID Readers Using an RF Chipset

Mon, 07/10/2006 - 8:47am

The RF Section of UHF RFID 1 W readers typically contains a large number of RF components utilizing different semiconductor fabrication processes. This paper will discuss how next generation RFID readers can use these new integrated components to simplify the design of RFID readers.

Comparison of Requirement for US, European and Japanese RFID Readers

The US readers will have a maximum output power of +30 dBm; the European Readers will have a maximum output power of +27 dBm and the Japanese Readers will have a maximum output power of +30 dBm. Most 1 W readers to date in the US are designed for low density usage and their emissions and out-of-band requirements are defined by the FCC. A new requirement for Dense Reader Mode is being introduced in the US, which will be used when there are a high number of readers in close proximity. For the US and Japanese readers, a saturated PA can be used, which allows for higher power added efficiency (PAE) on the order of 50%. For the European and Dense Reader Mode Readers, it is necessary to operate the power amplifier in the linear range, which reduces PAE to approximately 30%.

Due to the equations in this article, we have made a PDF available for you to download.


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