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Chipset Doubles Speed of Data Transport

Mon, 07/10/2006 - 8:51am

The FW430 and FW843 chipset from Agere Systems transports voice, data and video signals moving between computer and consumer electronics equipment at up to 800 Mbits/s — twice as fast as current 1394A 400 Mbits/s technology. Agere’s chipset reaches that speed because it adheres to the IEEE 1394B standard. This standard consists of a common set of rules of operation being installed in a growing amount of computer and consumer electronics equipment. The chipset aims to meet requirements of PC users with the need to back up critical, large files including uncompressed digital video on high-performance external hard disk drives. Video developers would find the improved performance very useful for backing up the large files they create, doing so in half the time of the 1394A chip technology. The 1394A technology provides speeds of 400 Mbits/s, extending distances of 4.5 meters. The 1394B performs at 800 Mbits/s bandwidth spanning up to 4.5 meters.

Agere Systems


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