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Resistor Ladder Networks

Mon, 05/08/2006 - 12:08pm

Providing design engineers with a means of implementing A/D and D/A conversions in a variety of circuits, TT electronics BI Technologies SMT Division releases a series of 8-bit and 10-bit R2R resistor ladder networks for automotive, industrial, building monitoring and process automation applications. Designated the BCN31L and 628L series, the thick film resistive ladder networks are packaged in 2512 chips and medium small-outline surface mount packages, respectively. The 8-bit, 10-terminal, 2512 BCN31L series ceramic devices feature a ladder accuracy of ± 1/2 LSB (least significant bit). The networks have a power rating of 25 mW/resistor, with a package power rating of 400 mW. The 628L series networks are available in a 16-lead SO-M body style plastic package. Ladder accuracy is ± 1/2 LSB for the 8-bit networks and ± 1 LSB for the 10-bit networks. Resistor power rating for the 628L devices is 40 mW/resistor, with package power rating at 640 mW.

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