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Dual-channel In-amp

Mon, 05/08/2006 - 12:08pm

Analog Devices introduces a dual-channel in-amp in a 16-lead 4 × 4 mm chip scale package. The flexible AD8222 can also be configured as a differential output instrumentation amplifier. This differential output capability, coupled with the AD8222's noise performance (8 nV/root-Hz input noise) allows designers to use smaller supply rails without sacrificing signal-to-noise performance. The ability of the in-amp to drive differentially also allows systems designers to pair the AD8222 with high-performance differential-input ADCs and affords them the flexibility of operating their products with a single supply or with signal conditioning blocks to further improve noise immunity. The AD8222 features 80-dB CMRR up to 10 kHz (G=1). The dual-channel in-amp also offers 2 V/ms slew rate, 8 nV/root-Hz maximum input voltage noise at 1 kHz, 0.25 mV p-p input noise and a power supply range of ± 2.3 to ± 18 V.

Analog Devices Inc.


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