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Zigbee Networking Software

Thu, 02/02/2006 - 9:20am

Ember’s EmberZNet™ is a second generation ZigBee protocol stack designed for self-organizing, self-healing wireless networks using a variety of network topologies, including mesh, star and cluster tree. It provides all the standards-based benefits inherent in the ZigBee specification, plus EmberZNet 2.0 extends ZigBee functionality, simplicity and performance. For example, EmberZNet 2.0 supports application profiles for home controls as well as user-defined network applications. It also features an Ember transport layer to provide more reliable wireless communications between nodes and enable distributed bindings. The Ember transport layer, along with the company’s application programming interface (API), also makes it easy for existing customers to port their EmberNet applications to the new ZigBee platform. Using the same familiar API they’ve already mastered, they can migrate their applications to a ZigBee-compliant version with minimal changes. EmberZNet 2.0 also gives device manufacturers lower cost microcontroller options by providing a compact, scalable implementation of ZigBee. The stack is available in different configurations optimized for specific node types, including PAN coordinators and full-function devices.

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