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Dual-output LDO Regulators

Thu, 02/02/2006 - 9:20am

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announces four compact dual-output low dropout (LDO) regulators capable of converting 2.25 to 5.5 V inputs to outputs as low as 1.5 V at current levels of 150 and 300 mA. Operating with desirable efficiency, the devices provide a low ground current of 48 µA. The SiP2210, SiP2211, SiP2213, and SiP2214 LDO regulators are designed to provide space savings and enhanced electrical performance in portable electronic devices such as cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players and wireless modems. All four devices are capable of supplying 150 mA from output 1 and 300 mA from output 2. The SiP2210 and SiP2211 are pin-for-pin replacements for the MIC2210 and MIC2211 and are rated for a low dropout voltage of 65 mV at 100 mA and low ground current. The SiP2213 and SiP2214 are pin-for-pin replacements for the MIC2213 and MIC2214. In the SiP2213, the outputs are sequenced at power on, with output 1 settling before output 2 begins turning on. Both devices also feature an open-drain driver output capable of sinking 150 mA.

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.


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