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Thu, 02/02/2006 - 9:20am


Atmel® Corporation announces three 14-pin tinyAVR® products, which have been added to the AVR family of flash microcontrollers. All three devices are pin compatible, differing only in the size of flash, EEPROM and SRAM memory. ATtiny24 has 2 kB of self-programmable flash memory, whereas ATtiny44 and ATtiny84 have 4 kB and 8 kB, respectively. All devices deliver 20 MIPS throughput when running at 20 MHz. ATtiny24/44/88 are suited for in battery-powered equipment due to the inherent low power consumption and three individually selectable low power sleep modes. The application software can adjust the system clock frequency to achieve top performance when needed, and then slow down the clock during idle times. Additional power saving is achieved by using the AVR Power Stop System allowing the user to turn off timers, USI, and/or ADC when not in use. As a result, the ATtiny24/44/84 consume < 100 nA in Power Down mode. The devices have internal EEPROM, pull-up resistors and an 8 MHz, high precision calibrated RC Oscillator, leaving 12 general I/O pins available for application use.

Atmel Corporation



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