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SST Oscillators

Thu, 12/08/2005 - 6:09am

Euroquartz introduces a series of low EMI oscillators that offer a low cost alternative to expensive EMI problems. The EQHM53 series oscillators are housed in a 5 × 3.2 mm SMD package and offer up to – 15 dBc equipment EMI reduction. Operating from a 3.3 V supply, EQHM53 series oscillators are available covering a frequency range from 6 to 160 MHz and are drop-in replacements for standard 5 × 3.2 mm SMD packaged devices. These oscillators reduce EMI radiation in electronic systems at its origin — the clock oscillator itself. They use spread spectrum technology (SST) to modulate the output frequency with a low frequency carrier, spreading the peak energy of the output frequency and its harmonics over a wider bandwidth. By suppressing EMI at its source, Euroquartz's EQHM53 series oscillators eliminate the need for many EMI protection aids such as PCB ground-planes, metal shielding, ferrite beads, RF gaskets and EMI filters, or even last-minute fixes when already-designed equipment fails at EMI testing time.



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