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Software-Controllable Option Added

Thu, 12/08/2005 - 6:11am

AeroComm Inc. introduces Long Range Mode to its family of 900 MHz spread spectrum transceivers. Completely programmable by the OEM, Long Range Mode offers flexibility in wireless networks, adding as much as three times the range to RF communications. By enabling a simple setting in the software, the OEM increases the receiver sensitivity of the transceiver by as much as 10 dB. In environments where extreme range is required or multiple obstructions are present, increasing the radio sensitivity will deliver up to 40 miles (with AeroComm’s 1 W modules). Long Range Mode will be a standard feature on 900 MHz AC4490 and AC4790 OEM modules and ConnexLink wireless devices. The mode will be disabled as a standard product default setting, making the transceivers completely backward-compatible with all existing AeroComm installations. The company’s protocol (RF232™) is embedded into its 900 MHz product family to support a host of communication architectures: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or peer-to-peer. The module’s serial firmware manages difficult over-the-air issues, such as error detection, multi-path concerns, link verification and interference problems.

AeroComm Inc.


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