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Development Platform for Software Defined Radio

Fri, 12/30/2005 - 7:16am

Sundance announces its Software Defined Radio (SDR) development platform to facilitate the design and development of two-way communication radios. Based on Texas Instruments’ TMS320C6416T digital signal processor (DSP), Sundance’s SMT8096 platform offers developers the flexibility to produce a range of radio and waveform applications including wireless base stations, military and public safety radios and high-speed data acquisition systems. This development platform uses TI’s TMS320C6416T fixed-point DSP to enable high-performance data pre-processing. The SMT350 module in the platform uses two TI ADS5500 14-bit, 25 MS/S A/D converters, designed for applications demanding low power consumption, high speed and high dynamic performance in a very small space. The TI A/D converters are then complemented by a Xilinx FPGA and a TI DAC5686 dual 16-bit, 500 MS/S D/A converter, which provides three modes of operation: dual-channel, single-sideband and quadrature modulation. At the software level, developers can custom code their systems to reconfigure the flexible hardware.



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