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Deterministic Microcontroller

Fri, 12/30/2005 - 7:16am

Atmel® Corporation announces the AT91SAM9261 Smart ARM Microcontroller (SAM), a low-power, deterministic microcontroller based on the ARM926EJ-S processor. Targeted at high throughput wireless handheld applications, the AT91SAM9261 consumes 2.5 µA in standby mode. Operating at 500 Hz, it draws 400 µA. In industrial temperature range, its current consumption at 200 MIPS with all peripherals turned on is 65 mA. The AT91SAM9261’s throughput and its extended instruction set with DSP extensions allow complex DSP functions, such as biometrics, voice recognition, software modems or encryption/decryption algorithms like RSA, to be executed quickly in burst mode, so the system can be shut down much of the time. Multi-Layer AHB Internal bus architecture and dedicated peripheral DMA — data throughput is increased by the parallelism provided by the multi-layer bus matrix. The company has extended the peripheral DMA controller used on its ARM7-based MCUs to include nineteen PDC channels on the AT91SAM9261. The PDC off-loads data transfer operations between the peripheral and memories from the CPU, increasing data rates and freeing the ARM9 CPU for compute intensive tasks.

Atmel Corporation


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