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Fri, 12/30/2005 - 7:15am

Linear Technology introduces the LTC2442, a multiplexed 24-bit No Latency Delta Sigma™ ADC with an integrated high performance amplifier. The LTC2442 achieves 1 ppm linearity with the amplifier configured as a unity gain buffer, easing drive requirements for high impedance sensors. This converter allows the amplifier supply rails to be connected to VCC and ground or biased beyond the rails for rail-to rail input signals. The LTC2442's proprietary architecture rejects channel-to-channel crosstalk and is immune to lockup due to large input disturbances. This combination of high precision and high input impedance makes the part suitable for demanding industrial and scientific instrumentation applications. The integrated amplifiers reduce overall circuit size, improve the DC linearity and provide additional design flexibility with optional external gain setting resistors. The proprietary delta-sigma architecture ensures stable DC accuracy through continuous transparent offset and full-scale calibration. Ten no latency speed/resolution combinations from 6.9 Hz to 3.5 kHz are digitally selectable with noise as low as 220 nVrms. The LTC2442 is specified is for the commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

Linear Technology


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