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Leadless SMT Ceramic Packages for Direct PCB Mount

Tue, 11/01/2005 - 9:58am

Remtec’s proprietary Plated Copper on Thick Film (PCTF®) technology permits the design and manufacture of leadless ceramic chip carriers and packages larger than .75 inches on a side. These packages, with wrap-around interconnections, plugged via holes, hermetic-filled vias and integrated passives, provide improved electrical and thermal performance at lower cost for high circuit/ power density applications. PCTF technology, with its ductile structure of plated copper over thick film on ceramic, results in minimizing solder joint stresses during assembly of ceramic packages to PC boards. Therefore, these leadless ceramic SMT packages, with wraparounds for a direct PCB mount, can be .75 inches× .75 inches in size or larger. Wrap-around interconnections also eliminate use of leads and additional interface boards thus further reducing cost. These connections are appropriate for SMT soldering and allow simple visual inspection and high assembly yields.

Remtec Inc.


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