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Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Tue, 11/01/2005 - 9:58am

Agilent Technologies Inc. announces two additional models to its N6030A series arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) family. The N6032A, a dual-channel AWG designed for radar and military communications, delivers 625 MS/s and 15 bits of vertical resolution per channel to create wideband waveforms up to 250 MHz wide. The N6033A, designed for satellite communications and general-purpose wideband applications, delivers 625 MS/s and 10 bits of vertical resolution per channel. Three new software options build upon the N6030A series’ ability to create realistic wideband signal simulations. They include: Direct Digital Synthesis — Direct Digital Synthesis software (Option 330) enables radar and emerging-communications engineers to create basic waveforms in the AWG’s memory and then modify their behavior with profiles for amplitude modulation, phase modulation and frequency modulation; Dynamic Sequencing — Sequencing Software (Option 300) enables radar and military communications engineers to build custom signal scenarios on the fly; and Additive White Gaussian Noise — Additive White Gaussian Noise Software (Option 250) allows receiver designers to perform front-end receiver testing without expensive external noise signal sources.

Agilent Technologies Inc.


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