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Switch in Chip Scale Package

Mon, 10/03/2005 - 9:16am

Fairchild Semiconductor introduces the FSUSB23, a single-port USB 2.0 "Hi-Speed" (480 Mb/s) analog switch in a MicroPak™ chip scale package (CSP). Its compact packaging, combined with low power consumption (< 1µA) and wide bandwidth (> 720 MHz) operation, make it well suited for today's multi-functional cell phones. Fairchild's 1.6 × 2.1 mm MicroPak 10-terminal chip scale package delivers a 68% footprint reduction compared to typical competitive switches (3.36 vs. 10.5 mm2). The FSUSB23's ability to switch Hi-Speed USB signals allows it to comfortably pass the eye diagram compliance for AC and DC performance to meet the USB 2.0 high-speed standard. Other key design features of the FSUSB23 include: higher 7 kV Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) vs. typical 2 kV ESD in competing components; 6Ω typical on resistance (RON) improves noise margin; non-adjacent channel crosstalk (– 43 dB at 250 MHz) minimizes signal interference; and choice of 16-terminal DQFN package offers better suitability for notebooks and other larger portable applications.

Fairchild Semiconductor


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