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Rapid Prototyping Platform

Mon, 10/03/2005 - 9:16am

Spectrum Signal Processing Inc. introduces the flexComm™ HCDR-1000 CRDP, a communications intelligence (COMINT) rapid-prototyping and development platform. This fully integrated, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software defined radio platform is designed to promote the rapid development and deployment of intelligence systems for the intercept and processing of communications signals. It is comprised of a high-speed dual channel analog-to-digital converter, multiple Xilinx® Virtex-II™ and Freescale™ PowerPC ® processing elements and dual VME-based carrier boards. The HCDR-1000 CRDP provides the hardware, software and development tools necessary to begin immediate development of COMINT systems. The platform's architecture was specifically designed to support the simultaneous detection and processing of multiple wideband and narrowband signals, including complex signals incorporating frequency agility (frequency hopping) and direct sequence spread spectrum. Real-time performance is maintained by the HCDR-1000 CRDP through the use of multiple subsystems operating in parallel, including: A wideband spectral analysis subsystem; a delay-buffer and channelization subsystem; a baseband channel processing subsystem; and a real-time high-speed disk storage subsystem.

Spectrum Signal Processing Inc.


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