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Interactive Software Updated

Mon, 10/03/2005 - 9:16am

Spectrum Microwave announces that it has updated CASCADE interactive software to allow engineers to design a circuit meeting their specific criteria by adding a wide variety of RF & microwave components such as amplifiers, mixers, oscillators and filters. CASCADE allows an engineer to optimize their design by viewing individual component contribution to overall system performance, evaluate trade-offs in component selection and their impact on system performance (e.g. gain, noise, and power), and visualize a block diagram concept. CASCADE can be used to search the entire Spectrum Microwave product line including components from Amplifonix, Qbit, Radian Microwave and Magnum Microwave, containing over 750 datasheets on amplifiers, mixers, and oscillators. The software also allows the user to save information as a spreadsheet for export into other software programs and to submit an RFQ to the company for a custom design.

Spectrum Microwave


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