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FPGAs With Reduced Standby Current

Mon, 10/03/2005 - 9:16am

Lattice Semiconductor announces a power-saving feature that reduces standby power by over a factor of 1000 for its LatticeXP™ family of non-volatile FPGAs. Sleep mode utilizes the LatticeXP device’s unique Flash and SRAM architecture to provide an ultra low standby state that can be entered in nanoseconds and exited in less than 2 mS. While in sleep mode, the LatticeXP device draws 120µA of total power supply current. A single pin called SLEEPN controls entry into and exit from sleep mode. When this pin is held high, the device operates normally. When driven low, the device moves into sleep mode in less than 100 nS. When SLEEPN is driven high again, the device configuration is automatically restored from the on-chip Flash block and resumes normal operation after a maximum delay of 2 mS. The ispXP™ technology used in the LatticeXP devices combines SRAM and non-volatile Flash memory to deliver an FPGA that is both non-volatile and reconfigurable.

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation


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