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Electromagnetic Design Simulation Software

Mon, 10/03/2005 - 9:16am

Flomerics announces that the new Version 7 of its MicroStripes electromagnetic design simulation software for microwave and antenna design increases the speed with which users can tune their designs. The version automatically runs a series of simulations while varying one or more design parameters over a user-specified range. This feature is supplemented by improvements in the accuracy of the automatic meshing algorithm. Additionally, the version enables users to inspect simulation results more quickly by simply running their mouse over the graphical output. By allowing users to substitute variables for design parameters, the new version of MicroStripes speeds up the design process significantly. Users model their concept design, identify geometric entities as variables, pick upper and lower limits for each variable, and select a step size. The software then generates as many simulation iterations as are required to completely explore the design space defined by the user. The results of each simulation are plotted on a single graph so users can quickly determine which design parameter values provide optimal performance.



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