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Voice Recognition Module

Fri, 09/02/2005 - 7:32am


Sensory announces the VR Stamp™ module, providing easy integration of voice recognition (VR) into consumer, industrial, automotive and medical electronics. The heart of the module is the RSC-4128 integrated circuit, which provides speech recognition, synthesis and system control on a single chip. All of the additional components required for a functional speech recognition system are squeezed into the VR Stamp's ultra-compact footprint. With minor hardware interfacing additions, any electronic product can recognize and speak with the VR Stamp. The VR Stamp module includes an 8-bit microcontroller inside a voice recognition system on a chip (including 16-bit ADC, DAC, digital filtering, RAM, ROM, output amplification, timers, comparators and more). In addition, flash memory, serial EEPROM, main clock and real time clock crystals, along with power noise management components, are all densely packed into its standard 40-pin DIP footprint.

Sensory, Inc.


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