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Crossover Programmable Logic Device

Fri, 09/02/2005 - 7:27am

Lattice Semiconductor introduces the first two members of its new MachXO™ family. Through the use of 130 nm non-volatile embedded Flash process technology, and the use of an industry-standard 4-input Look-up Table (LUT) approach for logic implementation, the MachX0256 and MachX0640 provide system designers with up to 50% lower cost per logic function. Lattice has added to all family members distributed memory and the ability to transparently update logic configurations through the company’s TransFR™ technology. In addition, support for Embedded Block RAM (EBR) and phase-locked loop (PLL) clock circuitry, as well as PCI and LVDS I/O, has been added to the larger family members. The MachXO logic devices are built on a 130 nm embedded Flash process technology that enables instant-on operation in a single chip. Pin-to-pin delays as fast as 3.5 ns allow the devices to address the high-speed requirements of contemporary system designs. MachXO devices are suitable for the implementation of a wide array of functions, including bus bridging, interfacing, control logic, clock management, power and reset control, glue logic, memory control and ASIC and FPGA configuration.

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation


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