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Body-worn Antenna

Fri, 09/02/2005 - 7:33am

European Antennas has designed a new body-worn antenna that provides an improved signal pattern for the Thales UK Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST) program, part of the Soldier Modernization program. The new antenna provides a greater all round coverage that cannot be provided by a single dipole, especially if the soldier were to be lying on the radio. A further benefit is provided by circular polarization that alleviates the problem of polarization mismatch when soldiers are in different orientations with respect to each other. These antennas have the advantage of being small, wafer-thin and lightweight, making them less intrusive and more comfortable for the wearer. The patch antennas, being remote from the radio, can be located higher on the soldier’s body, allowing the radio to be located in a less critical place such as at waist height.

European Antennas


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