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Schottky Diode

Wed, 08/03/2005 - 6:33am

With typical and maximum reverse current ratings at 30 V of 1µA respectively, the ZLLS350 Schottky barrier diode from Zetex Semiconductors helps extend battery life in a range of applications, from chargers to LED drivers. This characteristic is combined with a low forward voltage specified at a typical of 380 mV for a forward current of 30 mA. This enables the miniature SOD 523 device to offer efficiency better than much larger packaged devices. The 40 V rated ZLLS350 also has an increased maximum operating temperature. Often a limitation of Schottky devices, this latest Zetex part takes the temperature specification from 125° C up to 150° C. Also, current handling, with continuous forward current is quoted at 380 mA. The Schottky’s 1.7 × 0.9 mm footprint will help in the quest to reduce board size, and its 0.8 mm off-board height will comfortably address any height restrictions.

Zetex Semiconductor


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