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Mobile Tracking Antenna System

Wed, 08/03/2005 - 6:33am

Micro-Ant’s Micro1600-M Dome is an antenna system that is designed for mobile tracking voice communication applications and can be used over the MSAT/MSV networks. The Micro1600-M Dome provides a secure two-way push talk voice communication system that can be used on a daily basis, earmarked specifically for emergencies, or used for both. Applications include emergency response teams, military personnel, people working in rural areas or use for truckers and other occupations in which people need to stay connected. The antenna system stays connected by providing steadfast voice communication with any line of sight system where it has a direct view of the satellite. Should the line of sight become blocked by a building or other obstacle, the antenna will continue to point in the direction of the satellite until it recovers from the obstruction and will allow rapid reaction acquisition.

Micro-Ant Incorporated


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